DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Get Artsy for the Holidays: 8 DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Nothing can show your boyfriend how much you love him quite like a DIY gift. It lets him know that you cherish and appreciate him enough to devote your time to creating something you know he’ll love.

If you need some inspiration to figure out what to get him, this list of the best DIY gifts for your boyfriend will help. Keep reading!

Best DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend

1. A Jar Full of Memories


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This gift is rather easy to make and as affordable as it can get. All you need is a jar, some post-it notes, and a ribbon. You will use the notes to write down various memories and reasons why you love your boyfriend. You can also add in song lyrics, lines from poetry or movies, and anything else that might be significant for your relationship.

When you’re done, put all the notes in the jar and wrap the ribbon around the lid nicely. You can decorate the jar however you want or just leave it as it is. Either way, your boyfriend will love going down memory lane every time he misses you or needs a little pick-me-up.

2. A Scrapbook


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If you’re into scrapbooking and you want to use that to create a gift for your boyfriend, you can absolutely do it! Pick a scrapbook you know he’ll like, and then start filling it with anything you like. It can be photos of the two of you, tickets from different events you visited together, or printouts of different things he loves.

You can also write little comments and notes next to each item. That will give the whole scrapbook some personality and ensure that your boyfriend enjoys it even more. Use whatever supplies you already have at home, and you should be more than capable of creating this.

3. A Box Full of Treasure


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This gift is quite versatile, as you can really get stuff that your boyfriend loves most. You will need a box, and its size will depend on what you’ll put inside of it. It might be best to think about what you want to put in it and then get the box after you’ve already bought those items.

You are completely free to customize the insides of the box and tailor them to your boyfriend’s taste. You can get sweets, gift cards, books, games, or CDs or vinyls. Essentially, you can get pretty much anything else that you know he needs and would enjoy. In addition, you can put in photos or a hand-written letter, as that will make the box even more personal.

Then, you get a box that can fit all of that. You can buy a gift box or simply take one you already have and paint it over. It is all up to you and how much skill and time you have.

Either way, your boyfriend will get a personalized gift he’ll love. Moreover, you will get to show your devotion in the best way possible.

4. A Framed Photo


Image source: Pinterest

Does your boyfriend have a favorite pic of the two of you that he always wanted to frame but never got around to? If so, you can do it for him and make a little DIY project out of the entire thing.

You will need a simple photo frame, the picture, and a sharpie. The photo needs to be at least half the size of the frame so that you can have the space to write something around it. You will do so by putting a piece of paper under the photo. On it, you’ll write something for your boyfriend.

You could write just about anything, from song lyrics to a heartfelt letter. If you aren’t that into writing, but you love to draw, you can also do that. Use the sharpie in the color that matches the frame, and you’ll get a gift that your boyfriend will absolutely love.

He can keep it in his room or in his office at work. Either way, you will always be there with him, and he’ll smile every time he sees the photo.

5. A Candy Guitar


Image source: Pinterest

If your boyfriend plays the guitar or loves rock music, this gift will make him love you more than ever before. It is quite easy to make, though you will have to do some cutting and use glue to piece everything together.

First off, you will need to cut out a guitar shape from cardboard. Since this shape will hold all the candy, you should use thicker cardboard. The shape should be of similar size as an actual guitar.

Once you have the cardboard ready, it is time to start gluing candy to it. Get all your boyfriend’s favorites, and lay them out on the cardboard to see how they can fit. Remember to try and have the result resemble a true guitar as much as possible.

Once you’re satisfied with how it looks, you can start using the glue. Be careful not to put too much of it so that the candy is at least somewhat easy to remove later on. Glue every piece of the candy to the cardboard, and then leave it to dry.

You can give the guitar to your boyfriend as it is, or punch in some holes and add a holder as well. That way, he will be able to hang the guitar in their room, and it will resemble an actual guitar even more. Either way, this gift will rock his world, and he will enjoy taking it apart bit by bit.

6. A Photo Collage


Image source: Pinterest

This collage is the perfect photo gift that your boyfriend will enjoy. To make it, you need to develop some of your favorite pics of the two of you. The best way to do it is to pick some that will represent all your time together, from the very first picture you took together to those most recent ones.

Then, you need to arrange these photos into any shape you want. You can go with a heart if you want to keep things classic. However, you can also make any shape you want, from a letter, infinity sign, or something special for the two of you. You will get a collage that you can then frame or make into a lovely canvas.

7. A Custom Mug


Image source: Pinterest

If you’re not an overly crafty person but you still want to give your boyfriend something special, you can go for a personalized mug. You can order one from a supplier you already know and trust or find one on sites such as Etsy.

Either way, yours is just to figure out a message or image you want to put on the mug. It can be a quote you think will remind your boyfriend of you or an image that he’ll love. You then send that image/quote to the supplier, pick a mug, and they personalize it for you.

Every time your boyfriend drinks his coffee at home or at work, he will be reminded of you. And the best thing is, you won’t have to spend a fortune to get this kind of mug. It fits into any budget, which is perfect if yours is tight.

8. A Date Night Jar


Image source: Pinterest

This gift is one of the best DIY gifts for your boyfriend that both you and he will enjoy. To make this date night jar, you will need some popsicle sticks, a jar, and a sharpie.

On the sticks, you will write down some fun activities that you and your boyfriend can do on a date night. It can be anything from watching a movie or going to a museum to making dinner together. You can even color-code the sticks based on the type of activity that they offer.

Put all the sticks into a jar, and give it to your boyfriend. Your date nights will never be boring again, and you’ll have a wide range of activities to pick from every time.

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