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Gifts for College Guys: 10 Creative Ideas He’ll Love

Sometimes, buying gifts for college guys can be the hardest challenge in the world. You want to get them something they will actually love and use, but you also have a budget to stick to that makes everything even more difficult.

Luckily for you, this article is here to help. From the affordable to the extravagant, from graduation gift ideas for him to frat party gifts, here are the best gifts for college guys that they will love.

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphones


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As far as gifts for college guys are concerned, you cannot go wrong with some high-quality wireless headphones. This particular model looks sharp and is quite sturdy. It also has a noise-canceling feature to help the listener stay focused and block out any distractions.

These Bluetooth headphones connect to phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs seamlessly, and there are no annoying cords that limit movement. Whether your college guy will use them for his morning runs, tuning in to online lectures, or listening to his favorite podcast or audiobook, these headphones will make his life much easier.

Though there are other models you can get as well, this one has the best reviews on Amazon. Furthermore, these headphones are not as expensive as some other models in the same quality range.

2. CraveBox Healthy Snacks Care Package


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Anyone who has been in college knows that eating healthy foods is often the last thing students think about. They are often so caught up in classes and other responsibilities that they just grab a bite of whatever they can get their hands on and continue with their day. Not surprisingly, the foods they end up eating are often pretty unhealthy.

If you want to ensure your friend, boyfriend, or family member eats snacks that are both healthy and delicious, you can get him a CraveBox Care Package. It contains everything from popcorn to vinegar chips, all organic and delicious.

Packages like these prove that it is indeed possible to eat tasty snacks that are also healthy. They are full of products based on fruits and veggies that will help students get all the necessary nutrients every day.

3. CASOFU Burritos Blanket


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Blankets are always a good gift for someone in college. They are warm and cozy, and they can help any dorm room feel like home instantly. However, the best kinds of blankets are also funny or have something written or printed out on them.

If that is the kind of gift you want, then this burrito blanket will make a perfect choice. It is soft and comfortable, and people can actually wrap themselves into a human burrito using it.

Apart from being a fun present anyone will enjoy, the blanket will also make sure your loved one stays warm on cold winter nights. This gift also fits into most budgets, as you really won’t need to spend a fortune to get it.

4. Bedside Shelf for Bunk Beds, Lofts & Bed Frames


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Most dorm rooms have bunk beds or are limited in space so that no bedside tables or nightstands can fit in. However, everyone knows that a nightstand is essential for keeping necessities like glasses, water bottles, phone chargers, etc., close by while sleeping.

If your college guy has no nightstand, you can gift him a bedside shelf. It fits into any bed, no matter its size, and it is incredibly handy for bunk beds. It can hold anything from a glass of water to a laptop and books. Thus, your loved one will be able to have everything he needs nearby, and he will even be able to binge his favorite show or do homework in bed.

The greatest thing about this gift is how sturdy it is. It can last for years, meaning that your friend will be able to use it throughout the entirety of his college experience.

5. Compact Charging Tower


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This charging tower is a practical gift that any student would appreciate. It is especially useful to IT students, as they have many devices they need to charge and use at the same time.

This tower can charge up to 13 devices at once through 8 outlets and 5 USB ports. Whether he wants to charge his tablet, phone, kindle, laptop, or plug in his PC and all its components, this tower will help.

Apart from being highly practical, the tower also looks amazing. It is available in black and white, so you can pick the color based on your loved one’s preferences.

6. YETI Rambler Tumbler


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Tumblers are always a great gift choice for people in college. This particular model is made of stainless steel and has a YETI MagSlider Lid that ensures the beverages inside it stay safely locked in at all times.

This tumbler is as sturdy as it is pretty, and it has a No Sweat Design that makes sure the hands of the person using it remain dry. The color won’t fade or peel even after years of usage, and the shiny finish will stay fresh just as long.

You can pick from a wide range of colors for the tumbler, from seafoam green to different color combinations. Just think of what your loved one would enjoy the most, and get that model.

They will be able to take the tumbler with them in hand or put it in any standard cup holder in their car. With this gift, you will ensure that your college guy always has something warm or cold to drink, depending on the season.

7. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook


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Many college students have wished they could transfer their handwritten notes onto their cloud drive at least once in their lives. With this smart notebook, they can finally do so!

This notebook contains 42 pages that people can take notes in. Then, they can transfer those notes to any cloud service from Google Drive to OneNote. All they need is to scan the code on the pages using the Rocketbook app, and they will be good to go.

But the best thing is yet to come. After scanning the pages, your loved one can just erase his notes and use the pages later on. It is possible to do it over and over again without damaging or tearing the pages. Thus, this gift is also sustainable, as it helps save paper.

The notebook also contains different page styles suitable for different types of note-taking. People can write regular notes, set goals, make to-do lists and plans, or even sketch.

All in all, this gift is perfect for all students, from mechanical engineers to those obsessed with literature. Whatever your loved one studies, he will find this gift valuable and practical.

8. Fields Cookie Gift Box


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Does your loved one have a sweet tooth? If food is the way to his heart, then this cookie gift box will make a perfect gift for any occasion. This box contains all the all-time favorite flavors from this brand, from chocolate chip to cinnamon sugar.

The cookies come in an adorable, festive box, and each one is wrapped separately. That way, they stay fresh for weeks on end and make the perfect bite-sized snacks that your loved one can enjoy anytime he likes.

The only factor you need to think of when buying these cookies are different allergies that your college guy might have. If they are allergic to nuts or gluten, this gift will not do. However, there are many other cookie boxes without these ingredients that you can also check out.

9. Unique Blender Bottle


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If the person you are shopping for loves working out and making different types of smoothies or protein shakes, this gift will be excellent for them. The bottle features a durable Pro28 shaker cup with a 316 surgical-grade stainless steel BlenderBall wire whisk. The whisk can mix anything thoroughly to ensure the liquid is smooth.

The bottle also has a handy loop end that makes sure carrying the whole thing around is seamless. It is extremely easy to wash and can last for years if cared for properly. The lid is secure, and nothing will spill, even if the bottle is shaken thoroughly.

The best thing about this bottle is its design. You can choose between motifs from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and even different sports teams for the bottle. No matter which themes you go for, the bottle will still have a sleek black design that makes it stand out from all the others of its kind.

10. Sofia & Sam Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Light + Mouse Pad


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This lap desk is suitable for most laptops, tablets, and phones. It also features a slide mouse pad that can go on either side of the desk. Made of memory foam, the desk is exceptionally comfortable and will make long nights spent studying or reading much more manageable.

This gift is the most expensive one on our list. However, it will also last for years without any damage. Thus, it is a long-term gift that every college guy will appreciate more than you know. If you can afford it, you will make him love you forever.

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