Epoxy Garage Flooring

5 Benefits of Epoxy Garage Flooring

When you decide it’s time to update your garage flooring, you will find that there are many different flooring options available to choose from. It can be overwhelming to determine which one suits your needs and preferences. Of all the options, though, garage epoxy in Chesapeake is one of the most popular – and for several good reasons. Learn more about those reasons in this guide.

1. Protection for Exposed Concrete

Garage flooring takes a beating all year long. The elements along with the hot tires and heavy vehicles can do a great deal of damage. And often, people aren’t as careful in garages as they are in other parts of their homes. It all adds up to cracks, craters, and other deterioration.

Epoxy coating doesn’t just freshen up floors that are in good shape. It also helps repair, patch, and even fuse together damaged flooring, making it whole once again.

2. Easy Maintenance

Cleaning a large floor isn’t fun for anyone. It’s even worse if it’s uncoated, as oil, mud, dirt, and various other debris seem to set in, making it nearly impossible to get out.

This is one area in which epoxy coating really shines. Thanks to its sealing effect, debris sits on the surface and can easily be wiped away. Many homeowners can extend that sealing to the garage’s wall foundation. This makes it safe to simply pressure wash the floor or use their garden hose for cleaning.

3. Cost-Effective

Another benefit you’ll find as you look into garage floor coating near me is that epoxy is easier on the wallet than other available flooring options. Though garage tile is often a choice among homeowners, it can be up to 70 percent more than the cost of epoxy coating. Even carpet can cost nearly 50 percent more. And when you add in the cost of cleaning and maintenance, epoxy takes the top spot in terms of budget.

4. Durability

If you think about all the events that occur in your garage, you know how easy it can be to damage the flooring. Carpet is typically not durable for life, especially when using it in high-traffic areas. Tile can be attractive, but if a child accidentally drops their baseball bat, it can easily crack.

Epoxy flooring is designed to withstand much more. It doesn’t stain as easily as carpet does, and it’s not brittle like tile can be. You’ll find that – especially when installed professionally – it can stand up to what life throws at it.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

Many people think that garages are meant to be drab – they are just an entry point to your home, after all. However, this is not the case. Garages are often used for many different things, such as workshops. And even those that are just an entry point can be a warm and inviting space. You just need to create the right look.

Epoxy flooring can add beauty to your home. It’s available in many colors and finishes and resembles the look of a Quartz or Granite countertop with a beautiful sheen. When combined with a fresh coat of paint, epoxy flooring can make your garage your favorite room.

As a homeowner, it’s important to look at all options when making a decision about upgrading any area of your home. However, as you look into your garage flooring options, be sure to consider the many benefits you can gain from choosing an epoxy coating.

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