Interesting Healthy And Not Facts About Yogurts

Interesting Healthy And Not Facts About Yogurts

Yogurts are called healthy snacks. Though, not all yogurts are equally helpful. This phrase has long become a meme and an occasion for jokes. Today you can find yogurts in the supermarket worldwide according to your tastes. It is a good snack to make your brain well before your work or chill time. If you are willing to chill, then play online live baccarat, and don’t forget about snacks!

How To Pick The Right Yogurt?

At one time, sorting out the assortment was not so easy. Anything more or less similar to yogurt was called yogurt, including some dairy desserts. Then the approach to labeling became more rigorous. Today it is much easier to seek. If the word “yogurt” is on the package, then you have a milk product that was prepared by fermentation and was not subjected to heat treatment. It may contain milk powder, but should not contain vegetable protein and fat.

In addition to the main inscription, pay attention to the number of live bacteria. In yogurt, they should be at least 10⁷ CFU per ml at the end of the expiration date. In a yogurt product, there will be fewer of them or maybe not at all.

Are Natural Yogurts That Healthy?

Undoubtedly. It is a good source of highly digestible complete protein, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins B2, and B12. And of course, the live bacteria of yogurt starters bring great benefits. It consists of thermophilic streptococcus. These are probioticsю They help maintain the balance of the intestinal microflora. It affects almost the entire body.

If the microflora is normal, then our skin shines, the immune system works as it should, and digestion improves. Some studies show that eating yogurt every day or even every other day optimizes metabolism. This is important both for maintaining a healthy weight and for preventing cardiovascular problems. The good thing is that natural yogurt is not too acidic.

What About Yogurt Products?

Not always, their properties depend on the recipe. If we are talking about pasteurized yogurt, then protein, vitamins, and minerals are preserved in it, and there is a certain benefit from them.

Many yogurt products are made from vegetable milk. The sourdough is used for them, therefore, by including them in the menu, we support the intestinal microflora. But there is no dairy component. So people with an allergy to cow’s milk protein or lactose intolerance can eat such yogurts. This is a good product for vegetarians, and indeed for everyone, if you want to diversify your diet.

Of course, there are also not very healthy yogurt products. For example, they often add thickeners and starch. From the point of view of a nutritionist, this is undesirable. Therefore, when choosing, it is important to look at the composition. With yogurt, in this sense, it is easier, because it consists of milk and sourdough.

Is It Good To Add Fruits To Yogurts?

From a nutritionist’s standpoint, not so much. The fact is that modern technologies do not imply the addition of fresh fruits. The filler is puree, jam, or something like jam. Often it is cooked with sugar, and this significantly increases the calorie content. For example, if there are about 70 kcal in 100 g of natural yogurt, then there will be more than 90 kcal in fruit yogurt. And almost twice as many simple carbohydrates.

If natural yogurt without additives is a basic product, then fruit and berry yogurts are essentially desserts. Just like yogurts with the addition of all kinds of balls, cookies, and chocolate. This does not mean that they should be completely abandoned. But they should have an appropriate place on the menu. The desserts should be eaten little by little and infrequently. For daily consumption, choose natural yogurt. And if you want variety, add pieces of fruit or nuts to it yourself.

Make Your Yogurt

There are all possibilities for making your yogurt today. Sourdough is easy to buy. You can also buy a yogurt maker, or you can use a slow cooker, many have an appropriate mode.

If you’re making your yogurt, this is a great opportunity to experiment with milk. For example, take not a cow, but a goat or vegetable. Just do not forget that homemade yogurt should be eaten a maximum of a couple of days, it spoils faster than store-bought.

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