SkyCity Online Casino Opens Door

SkyCity Online Casino Opens Door to More Players with New Bingo Suite

SkyCity Casino has broadened its appeal by adding one of the world’s most popular games to its ever-growing stable of products. Available now, the new online bingo suite provides a variety of exciting new games, including classic variants and modern innovations. The new bingo software at SkyCity Online Casino also opens the door to a stream of new bonuses and promotions.

Bingo is loved the world over. In fact, thanks to the advent of online gaming, bingo has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Estimates cited on Cult MTL put the number of players at 1.6 billion globally. In New Zealand specifically, around 3% of the gambling public play bingo.

Although the government’s most recent survey on gambling trends in New Zealand was carried out in 2010, the statistics for bingo have been consistent. Indeed, as per the report, 3% of people had played “house or bingo for money” in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 (click here to download the PDF).

Given the similarities between bingo and lotto games, such as Powerball, it’s not a stretch to assume there’s some crossover in terms of players. With around 60% of the population having bought at least one lotto ticket, the potential number of people wanting to play bingo online in New Zealand increases dramatically.

SkyCity Casino is tapping into this trend with a new range of games and products. Those with a preexisting love of the game can play traditional variants, including 75-ball and 80-ball. Newbies who want to play bingo at SkyCity and try something more in tune with modern online casino games can try themed rooms such as Boombox and Diamond Dazzle.

A Game for Everyone

How do online bingo games work? They’re identical to their offline counterparts. Numbers are drawn at random and, if these numbers match those on a player’s game card, they get checked off. The first player to complete a line or specific pattern by checking off numbers wins a prize. It’s that simple. That’s why players of all kinds love bingo. It’s easy to understand, it’s high-paced, and it’s unpredictable. What makes SkyCity bingo even better is the fact you don’t have to check off the numbers.

Players in a live bingo hall must keep pace with the caller and check off numbers manually. Play online and the software at SkyCity Online Casino does it automatically. This allows players to sit back and enjoy the game, converse with others in the chat box, or take part in bonus side games. This makes online bingo a multifaceted game.

Matching numbers to win a prize is the main game, but there’s a social aspect to the experience, as well as the chance to pick up bonuses. This, combined with SkyCity Online Casino’s safe payment options, as verified by the Malta Gaming Authority, means you get a safe, varied, and entertaining gaming experience via your computer or mobile device.

SkyCity Online Casino’s new bingo suite is open to all registered users who are 18+ and located in New Zealand. For more information, sign-up and complete the registration process.

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