Give Your Kitchen a Glow up

Looking to Give Your Kitchen a Glow-up? Consider the Cashmere Style

When it comes to your kitchen, choosing the right style is imperative to create an enjoyable space where you can try the best recipes or laugh with loved ones as you make great memories together. Many elements matter in the design of the kitchen, but colour is among the most impactful – and challenging- as it will dictate the look and feel of the space.

Cashmere is a popular choice among homeowners due to its versatility – it’s a neutral colour that will make your kitchen shine bright, regardless of its size. It’s suitable for both traditional rustic kitchens as well as modern ones and comes in darker and lighter shades.

The cashmere style has gained a lot of attention online, especially on TikTok, where the cashmere kitchen hashtag got plenty of views – and it’s easy to understand why. Cashmere evokes warmth and softness, providing a sense of comfort and familiarity, which is precisely what you need in the design of your home. It’s neither overpowering nor too striking, and it’s ideal for homeowners who don’t want to create a dull brown or harsh white space.

If the cashmere style appeals to you, take a look at the following ideas to incorporate it into your home.

Opt for a gloss cashmere kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, the trick is always to make the most of the available space so that it can seem larger than it is. One way to do so is to choose a gloss cashmere kitchen. A high gloss will enhance a tired space, giving it a modern spin and reflecting the light. However, if there’s not enough light in the kitchen, you can place mirrors cleverly in the space, instantly making it look brighter and larger at the same time.

When it comes to a high gloss finish, the surface choices are usually lacquer, acrylic or acetate. Lacquer is a good alternative because it makes surfaces waterproof, preventing dirt and grime from sticking to the kitchen island. This means cleaning it will be a lot easier. However, if you opt for this style, we recommend using it on the upper cabinets, as kids’ sticky fingers or pets can’t reach them.

Embrace the shaker kitchen  

You may have heard about shaker kitchens before. Shaker is a classic timeless design, consisting of clean lines and providing simplicity. It matches perfectly with cashmere, which is all about elegance and sophistication. While shaker kitchens have their own charm, they can look dated due to the stark, neutral colours.

However, cashmere provides the best solution for this due to its warmth, allowing wooden cabinets to shine. Cashmere kitchens are so popular due to their neutrality, offering an excellent alternative to white, harsh kitchen units that can make a kitchen look old-fashioned.  

Mix cashmere with the right shades

It’s probably evident, but you’ll also want to pay attention to the colours that go with cashmere kitchen. It’s essential to make the right choices so that the space is as inviting as possible. Soft white is a classic shade, complementing cashmere’s natural beauty and bringing attention to it.

However, this isn’t the only option you can go for. Earthy tones, including muted greens, soft browns, and warm greys, are excellent alternatives to white, adding richness and depth to the kitchen and creating a soothing ambience. Soft blues also work wonders, helping achieve a serene feel in your kitchen. Pale pink is another great option if you want to add a touch of romance to the space. For instance, you can opt for a dusty rose and create a dreamy and gentle atmosphere.

Pair it with wooden flooring

Homeowners spend a lot of time planning their kitchen design, and it only makes sense to do so, as every detail matters, and you must consider all the elements. Flooring is an important consideration, and you want to get it right from the beginning. Luckily, there are so many outstanding ideas out there, with wood being an excellent option for your floors due to its durability, warmth and natural beauty.

A wooden floor will add to cashmere’s warmth, softening your kitchen and turning it into a cosy oasis. The most popular wood floors include solid, reclaimed, and engineered wood, each offering unique advantages.

For example, solid wood can be finished in a distinct tone, even in cashmere, as it will look exceptional. Hardwood, including cherry, oak, or maple, is versatile and durable, and reclaimed wood tends to be more costly, but it is ideal for eco-conscious homeowners as it prioritises sustainability.  

Consider a matt cashmere finish

Cashmere looks excellent when given a matt finish because it absorbs the light instead of reflecting it. This is great for pale colours because it hides fingerprints and smudges, making them less obvious than if you opt for gloss finishes. Moreover, matt cashmere is a great way to incorporate a velvety texture into your cooking space – however, keep in mind that it is more suitable for open-plan kitchens where a lot of natural light gets in.

If you want to go bold with your kitchen design and add features like a patterned splashback, matt cabinets are the perfect choice. While the kitchen light can vary during the day, changing the colours in the space, matt cashmere will ensure that the colour remains consistent all the time. As a result, your kitchen will look stunning day and night.

Create a gorgeous kitchen by choosing the cashmere style

While grey and white kitchens have been trendy for a long time, cashmere is now stealing the limelight. With its warm and sophisticated hue, it has the power to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen immediately, adding a distinctive touch to your home.

If you’re looking to create a light and calm atmosphere, look no further than cashmere kitchens. 

Due to its versatile neutral backdrop, cashmere allows you to upgrade your kitchen with different appliances and accessories, as it blends in easily with many finishes and colours. And since it is a timeless shade, it ensures your kitchen will look inviting and stylish for many years.

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