What to Feed Your Pet Gecko

What to Feed Your Pet Gecko

There are about 1,500 gecko species worldwide.

While most people opt for a cat or dog, geckos can also make great pets. Bear in mind that some species are more suitable than others, and the care needed varies. Before buying one, you need to know how to look after it properly.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about what to feed your pet gecko. Keep reading for more.

General Gecko Feeding

Many pets are fine with pre-packaged pet food, but this isn’t the case for geckos. It’s best to feed them live prey, so this is what you need to go with. You can buy live insects or even breed them yourself if you prefer.

Gecko nutrition varies depending on the specific species. For example, leopard geckos, house geckos, and African fat-tailed geckos only eat insects. There are other species, such as day geckos and crested geckos, that are frugivorous, meaning they also eat fruit.

What Geckos Eat

If your gecko is insectivorous, there are several insects you can feed it. Bear in mind that going with just one type won’t give your gecko a complete diet, so you should opt for a variety of insects.

Roaches are a good choice. They’re high in protein, and you can breed them yourself. To make things simple, you can easily find Dubia roaches for sale.

Crickets are another popular option for gecko food. They’re not necessarily the healthiest insect you can go for, but they’re among the cheapest and easiest to raise at home.

Mealworms are good for geckos and various other reptiles. Bear in mind, however, that these can be a bit difficult for some smaller geckos to eat. You want to ensure yours is large enough before trying to feed it mealworms.

Superworms and Waxworms are very rich, so you can think of these as a treat. It’s best to only give your gecko these about once a week.

For smaller geckos, flies can be ideal. Fruit flies may be your best option, as they’re often the easiest to purchase.

You want to give your gecko a diet with some variety so that it gets all the nutrients it needs. You can buy any of these, and in the long term, you might prefer to start breeding your own insects.

How Much to Feed Your Gecko

Pet care involves being responsible. Many pets would love to be given food non-stop, but this will negatively impact their health.

You should feed a younger gecko every day, and once it’s a bit older, every other day may be better. Most geckos are naturally nocturnal, so you should try to feed yours at night.

You don’t want to overfeed your gecko. Give it some food and take note of how much it eats happily within a few minutes. You can use this as a gauge, and as it grows, you can feed it more.

When your gecko has finished eating, get rid of any food left behind. If you don’t, it will simply rot, making your enclosure unclean.

The Best Food for Your Pet Gecko

You should feed your pet gecko a varied diet to ensure it gets everything it needs. Look into the specific species you have to ensure you’re giving it the right types of food.

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