best nail shapes for fat fingers

3 Best Nail Shapes for Fat Fingers

Fat fingers will make it difficult for you to find the perfect shape for your nails because your fingers are a bit chubby and have wide nail beds. So, if you are not sure which nail shapes are perfect for your fat fingers, this article offers you the ultimate list of the best nail shapes for fat fingers.

9 Factors to Consider When Choosing Nail Shapes

Factors to Consider

Different nail shapes are designed for different body types, occasions, and fashion preferences.

Therefore, you have to factor in these aspects of your life when choosing the right nail shape. Here are some of the main factors you need to consider when choosing your nail shapes.

1. Available Options

Although nail artists are coming up with new nail shapes almost daily, some basic nail shapes are readily available to you. Just make sure you understand the pros and cons of each of these nail shapes before you make your final choice. Check and compare as many options as possible before you settle on any of them. That way, you will be able to make an informed choice.

2. Length of Your Nails

Whether you are shaping your natural nails or artificial nails, it’s important to consider their length because the length of your nails will determine the best shape that suits you. Understand that certain nail shapes are only suitable for certain lengths.

3. The shape of Your Fingers and Hands

The shape of your fingers and hands is also very important in determining the shape of your nails. Some nail shapes are designed to elongate your fingers while others are meant to make your slender fingers look wider. Therefore, you have to understand the nail shapes that go well with the shape of your fingers.

4. The shape of Your Nail Beds

Certain nail shapes go well with certain nail beds. For instance, if you have long and slender nail beds, you should choose elongated nail shapes and square nails. But these nail shapes aren’t suitable for wide nail beds. Round and oval nail shapes make wide nail beds appear slender.

5. Type of Maintenance Needed

Some nail shapes require a little more maintenance than others. Therefore, decide how much nail maintenance you are willing to bear before you choose your preferred nail shape.

Some nail shapes will require you to visit the salon frequently because they are difficult to shape on your own. For instance, if you want a shape that’s perfect for acrylic nails, you have to prepare yourself for regular visits to the salon.

6. Your Lifestyle

Different nail shapes suit different lifestyles. That’s why you need to choose a shape that matches your everyday life. For instance, if you are a sports lady, do a good deal of household chores, type a lot, or take care of babies throughout the day, you should go for shorter nail shapes. Although certain nail shapes will enhance your aesthetics, you shouldn’t choose a nail shape that will disrupt your lifestyle.

7. Overall Appearance You Need

As you choose the perfect nail shape, it’s important to keep in mind the overall appearance you are looking for. Different nail shapes will give you different appearances. For instance, if you are looking for a feminine appearance, round and oval nail shapes are the most suitable for you. and if you want a dramatic and edgy appearance, go for stiletto or coffin shapes.

8. Your Preferred Colors

This may sound a little far-fetched but the truth is that your preferred colors for your nails play an important role in determining the perfect nail shape for you. For example, if you prefer bold colors, you should go for short square nail shapes because this combination offers more punch. Coffin nails work best with matte colors.

9. The Statement You Want to Make

Lastly, the statement you want to make with your nails will determine which nail shape you choose. For instance, if you want to keep everything refined without being too distinctive, you should go for classic square nails or natural-looking oval or round shapes. But if you want your nails to stand out, go for stiletto or coffin shapes because they will easily catch other people’s attention.

3 Best Nail Shapes for Fat Fingers

If your fat fingers are giving you sleepless nights thinking about how you can make them look slender and elongated, here is a list of the best nail shapes that you should try.

1. Almond


Image source: Pinterest

This nail shape is curved at the tip and has slender sides. It’s a tapered and narrow shape that’s perfect for chubby fingers. Its slender sides make your fingers appear more elongated and slimmer. This nail shape is quite feminine and highly sophisticated.

Almond nails can also be shaped to form an even transition between your fingers and nails. It’s a versatile nail shape that suits different occasions, fashion tastes, and lifestyles. Long almond nails will give your nails and fingers additional length, for a more feminine look. But there are shorter almond nails for people who want shorter nails.

2. Oval


Image source: Pinterest

The oval shape is perfect for people who love naturally-shaped nails. The rounded shape retains the outline of your natural nails, giving your fingers a natural look. It also adds length to shorter natural nails with wider nail beds. The oval nail shape is the softer version of the almond nail shape.

However, the oval shape is more practical than the almond. Its flatter tip makes the nail sturdier and allows you to perform your daily chores without difficulties. It’s also very easy to maintain at home without going back to the salon. This nail shape is also perfect for people who don’t like long nails.

3. Stiletto


Image source: Pinterest

This nail shape is a more dramatic version of almond nails because it’s longer and pointed at the tip. Its sides are highly tapered, giving your fat fingers a slender and elongated look.

Unfortunately, stiletto nails are hard to maintain and therefore you may be required to visit your nail artist frequently for maintenance.

These nails will allow you to make the right statement, especially if you want your nails to stand out. Stiletto nails are very common in female celebrities who are always looking for ways to attract attention. Despite the few negatives with this nail shape, it is perfect for your fat fingers.

3 Nail Shapes You Should Avoid

Some of the nail shapes available today won’t give you much in terms of giving your fingers a flattering look. Also, they attract a lot of attention to your fingers. And therefore they may not be the perfect shapes for your fat fingers. Here are some of the nail shapes you should avoid, especially if you have fat fingers.

1. Squoval


Image source: Pinterest

This is a classic nail shape and most people’s favorite. However, it is not the best nail shape for fat fingers, especially because it’s a combination of square and oval nail shapes. So, it comes with a square base and curved edges to make it appear oval.

Unfortunately, this nail shape creates a wide appearance, making your fat fingers look even chubbier. So, stay away from squoval nail shapes if you have fat fingers. Instead, choose something that flatters your fingers more.

2. Lipstick


Image source: Pinterest

This is a simple nail shape that is shaped like lipstick. It features a diagonal design with one curved edge and another pointed edge on the other side. Although the lipstick nail shape isn’t as popular as other shapes, it can help you to make a unique statement with your fingers. However, it is not the best nail shape for fat fingers because it’s fairly big and its diagonal design forms a wider illusion.

Therefore, if your nail beds are naturally wide, this nail shape will make them look even wider. While other nail shapes make your fat fingers look elongated and slender, the lipstick nail shape doesn’t offer any of these benefits. So, even though it won’t make your fingers appear any worse, it will attract more attention to your short, wide nail beds.

3. Round


Image source: Pinterest

The round nail is a naturally-looking nail shape that’s quite practical. Unfortunately, this nail shape won’t give your fat fingers an elongated, slender appearance. Just like the lipstick nail shape, the round shape doesn’t offer any benefits to you. The only reason why some people choose the round nail shape is its ability to highlight the natural features of their nails.

So, if you have short, wide nail beds, round-shaped nails will make them appear bigger and attract more attention to your fat fingers. But if you want a practical nail shape that will allow you to perform your daily chores without a hassle, this shape could be the ideal option for you. But don’t expect it to make your fat fingers look slimmer.

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