Monday Motivation to Smash the Week Ahead

Monday Blues: How to Use Some Monday Motivation to Smash the Week Ahead

It’s Sunday evening and you’re starting to get the fear of the next morning. We’ve all been there, wishing we could redo the weekend all over again. For some, it can cause a burden on their Monday morning, which sets their week off on the wrong path; but finding things that keep you motivated will ensure it keeps you happy, positive, and ready to smash that Monday 9am work meeting.

Starting with a positive mindset is crucial to setting yourself on the right path to success. Bringing up the blues will psychologically affect your mental health and force your mind into negative things; and by staying hopeful and grateful for the fun times you’ve had, will push you into a better mindset.

You’ve had some highs and lows this weekend, where you’ve been with family, had some fun, and made some memories, but the weekend will be around in no time. Before you know, you’ll be hopping back in gaming chair enjoying Diablo IV or Tether casino games, having drinks for date night, and getting wined and dined – but first, let’s tackle Monday.

Set attainable goals

Wake up, have some breakfast, and grab a superfood smoothie to fuel your day. Sit at your desk and begin your working day by setting clear, concise, and achievable goals for the week ahead. Making sure to list them so that you can prioritize is crucial to helping you keep your week on track, and let it go quicker and easier.

When you have a map on what you need to do for the week, it shows what needs to be accomplished, which helps you stay motivated. Motivation is key, and the only way to keep the momentum going is to follow a plan. Keep it up!

Find some inspiration in the smaller things

If you surround yourself with things that inspire you, that will push you to want to do great things. Whether you choose a person to be motivated by, a podcast to listen to, reading inspirational quotes, or watching people in the same career path as you; this will give you your very own inspiration. Create a life you want for yourself by being happy, positive, and uplifted. Exposing yourself to things that you want to become will ensure that you are on the road to motivation and winning in life.

Alter your mindset

When the first two are achieved, it’s easier to take a look at your own mindset. Often when you force yourself to smile more, you will automatically feel happier, and that’s scientifically proven. According to medical professionals, your mood can alter significantly when you either push yourself to be positive or surround yourself with people who are.

Keep reminding yourself of everything you do that you’re proud of, and never dwell on the things that you see as failures. A positive mindset sets the tone for the week, so your Monday will be kick ass, if you can teach yourself to forget the small stuff and concentrate on what you’re proud of.

Create a to-do list

Like setting goals, setting a to-do list keeps you on the straight and narrow, and ensures you won’t miss deadlines. If you have anything daunting or too much coming your way, then break these tasks into smaller sections, which makes it far more manageable. This makes everything far less intimidating and means you can celebrate more often when the smaller to-do’s have been ticked off. Remember, celebrate all the small wins – life is short, enjoy it.


It’s important that no matter what time of the week it is, you must always practice self-care, and look after yourself. Feeling good both mentally and physically is crucial to keeping your motivational levels up, and your body feeling happier. A nutritious breakfast on a Monday, with supergreens and vitamins, are important as it will feed both your body and mind. Your energy levels will vastly improve, and the fresher air you get, the more active and happier you feel.

The challenges of the week will come naturally to you when you feed your body what it wants and look after it appropriately. Ensure you get plenty of rest throughout the week, and keep yourself busy, but filled with time to learn about yourself and take a breath.

Always know that motivation can fluctuate depending on the time of year, and even the time of the week it is. It’s not possible to wake up and seize the day every single day of your life, but even trying to make yourself feel better is one step towards doing well and feeling better. Your week will go faster, happier and you will look forward to the weekends again, once you’ve ticked all your tasks and worked on yourself for the better.

Here’s to smashing Monday’s and getting through the week together.

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