Platforms for Artists to Generate Passive Income

Innovative Ideas and Platforms for Artists to Generate Passive Income in 2023

In recent years, people have used all sorts of ventures to boost their cash flow, whether by starting with a modicum of capital or using already-held resources. In an ever-changing industry that encourages all types of artwork, selling digital art online has become a widespread venture to make more money. A JPG file by Mike Winkelmann was auctioned for $69.3 million last year to give you an idea of how powerful the sector is. Some individuals leased their artwork until it could be sold.

In contrast, others, attracted by digital money and art, took advantage of different platforms that taught them how to buy ETH, invest in NFTs, and experiment with the possibilities enabled by innovative blockchain technology.  

Making money through art may initially seem challenging if your creations were only made for entertainment or self-expression purposes. But the adage encouraging fructifying and capitalizing on what you are good at is neither overstated nor cliché. You can generate passive income through your work in several ways, so let’s discover what opportunity suits you best.

Art classes

Wherever you look, you can see how art takes over the world and catches more and more people’s interest. Whether it’s the interior design of houses, the way vessels are created, or the outfits people wear as a form of self-expression, numerous art forms become increasingly integrated into everyone’s lives. It is not limited to galleries and museums, and everyone can engage with it somehow.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that art classes have been picked as steam, and more people look toward giving them a try, acknowledging them as forms of therapy for mind and soul. Whether face-to-face or in a virtual environment, those fond of art will eventually find their way to you. You have many opportunities to share your hobby.

If you’re primarily seeking passive income ventures that don’t involve moving around for face-to-face meetings, then online courses may be your route. You’ll have access to a wide audience and won’t have to repeat classes repeatedly; you’ll only record your lesson and post it on the chosen platform.

Workshops can be another great way to boost your income from your skills once you’ve chosen your area of interest. Photography, painting, and sculpture are popular areas of interest for people looking to discover and connect with their inner artists.

Online courses

As projections of the e-learning market suggest it may value over $350 billion by 2026, more and more people will shift their focus towards giving online courses and lectures. Art is just a sector that’s become increasingly exploited in recent years. Developing and selling online courses and classes in your specific areas can prove a reliable venture that will be financially rewarding in the long term as soon as you start to reach a wider audience and have the word spread about your offerings.

The convenience of this endeavor is that you’ll only have to record and edit your classes once. As soon as they’re uploaded and satisfy the used platform’s eligibility requirements, you’ll generate some income every time your course is sold.  

There are a number of platforms where you can create and sell your online courses, with the most popular ones being Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, Kajabi, and LearnDash.

Art leasing

If you find enough customers, leasing your art can become a potent source of passive income. It resembles renting office spaces. For instance, you’ll allow the customer to use your artwork during the pre-established period, during which you’re paid. This method can also help you build buzz around your work and increase your reach, transforming it into a marketing opportunity you’ll take advantage of for a longer period.

Art leasing involves reaching out to a third party who can put you in contact with a buyer, such as a gallery, exhibition, or art rental business. If you don’t want to involve any middleman, you can seek ways to rent your art on your own. Remember that selling art yourself may be more profitable since you’re not buying another party’s service, but finding prospective customers may be more difficult.

Stock photos

You can make money from photography if you’re fond of it in thousands of ways, like working as an event photographer or teaching this subject. However, there is one that can make money fly into your pockets without you having to raise a finger (indeed, this counts only after you’re taking those pictures.)

Selling stocks is an easy and convenient way to monetize your passion for photography. Individuals always purchase stock photos, primarily those who prefer different, on-brand pictures rather than free-of-charge images.

Shutterstock, iStock, and Getty Images are three websites you can use.

Platforms where you can sell your artwork

Many platforms are aimed at selling artistic pieces, but several stand out through their number of users, features, and convenience.

Fiverr. Fiverr is among the most well-known platforms and the world’s largest venture for freelancers that businesses or buyers reach out to. There are more than 500 categories, so rest assured your artwork will fit one of the areas. This online marketplace connects sellers and their services with those looking to hire someone for their projects.

Indeed, your generated income is not completely passive, as demanders will still issue orders. Still, if your offerings are limited to logos, fonts, graphics, and artwork you possess, they can easily fall under this label.

Udemy. If you don’t want any constraints regarding the type of online art course you sell, then Udemy may be your go-to. It’s one of the most well-known e-learning places that will give you access to approximately 50 million potential students worldwide. Unlike Fiverr, you may find the platform easier to set up and explore.

Redbubble. Redbubble is preferred for artists who provide art-inscribed items like t-shirts, phone cases, clothing, pillows, calendars, and more. You will be responsible for establishing your prices, allowing flexibility and giving you more control over your revenues.

Your art career enables plenty of opportunities to create passive income if you do some research and put in the needed effort. It will prove rewarding in time if you’re patient with your endeavor. 

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